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What Should Be Included In A Remodelling Contract

When doing any form of construction or renovation at your home or any other property, it is important to have a formal contract drawn up. It need not be a drawn up by a legal representative but a reasonable agreement on what you and the contractor agree on must be included.
Rather than having verbal conversations it is always good for all parties to have everything in writing so no misunderstandings can take place later on. Let’s look at some of the important aspects to be included.

Project overview

This should include details of what is expected. You should outline the work that has to be done the materials to be used and the suppliers such as fencing contractors Adelaide that will be used. Details of any demolishing work that is needed and new additions to be put in place all must be detailed out in the document. Related costing that are expected should be detailed as well giving details of permits and other permissions the contractor will have to take to complete the project.

Worker payments

Woking with hired labour can sometimes be difficult. Sometimes workers can claim that they were not paid for working on the property. This can happen, even if you have paid the main contractor. So you need to include a clause saying that the contractor has to show you a signed receipt before you make the next instalment payment. This means that the contractor confirms that he used your previous payments to pay for labour, so you are guaranteed that all workers are paid for.

Payment and durations

The total estimated costs with any deviations should be clearly stated in the document. The timings and schedule of payments that will be paid should also be detailed. For an example the instalment amounts that will be paid and when they will be paid should be included. Certain large payments that wills need to be paid when key project tasks such as proper roof repairs are completed should be added. Noting the milestones are important because these scheduled payments will be rather bigger than the others, so knowing them in advance would be really helpful.

Conclusion dates

Tentative dates for the project to begin and end needs to be detailed. This does not mean you can guarantee a completion date, but it gives you an idea of an approximate date for the completion of the project. Finally a contract should be signed by both parties and you should also include a clause for any changes to the original plan and how they will be undertaken. All these included in the contract will ensure smooth flow of work and a good working relationship with the people involved.