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Jet Rodding And Hydro Jetting: What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

When talking about necessary home cleaning practices, the average homeowner seems to be clueless on a number of essential tasks that actually need to be done every once in a while. A good example of this is sewer cleaning: most people would not even consider the need to have their sewers inspected and cleaned – unless of course, the sewers back up and raw sewage spills into the home itself (at which point an extremely costly process is needed to repair and clean the whole place). Brisbane drain cleaners

To begin with, sewers and drains are the basic methods through which liquid waste disposal in a home occurs. The main sewers are connected to all the drains in the home, the toilets and other outlets through which liquids (whether wastewater, excess water or other liquids) are removed. Generally, sewers are meant to take care of liquid waste and other biodegradable waste that is removed with the water (and capable of breaking down), but the presence of various substances which can harden over time, as well as the build-up of certain materials can eventually narrow the sewers and ultimately block them. It is at this point that the sewer backs up. Of course, prior to its complete blocking and backing up, a sewer will show several signs of it – it is your duty to pick on them and call for professional help.

Generally, gurgling sounds, slow draining processes, the pooling of water and sewer smells are tell-tale signs of a backed up sewer.There are two main methods that professional Brisbane drain cleaners use to clean a backed up sewer: jet rodding and hydro jetting. Rodding, as the name suggests, is a method through which a thin steel coil (which has either a plug or a ball at one of its ends) is inserted into the blocked drain in order to break through whatever is blocking the sewer (or bring it back up as well). The term ‘sewer snake’ also refers to this steel rod – it is probably the more familiar term of the two, but both terms are interchangeably used by professionals.

On the other hand, hydro jetting is a method through which high-pressure water is pumped into the sewers. The high pressure enables the water to push through the obstacles and free up the sewers from their blockages. As you would expect, hydro jetting is the more expensive procedure of the two, but this is also because the process of hydro jetting actually cleans the sewer thoroughly (whereas jet rodding merely gets rid of the blockage). Generally, it would be ideal to rely on jet rodding for regular maintenance on your sewers, and conduct hydro jetting every once in a while.